Thanks to Peace!       When there is peace, there is development!       PM Hun Sen : Cambodia must not exchange its independence and sovereignty for anything else. We will not die or become rich even though we continue to have or lose EBA.


PM Hun Sen Asks for Vietnam-Cambodia Association’s Continued Support

Outcomes of PM Hun Sen’s Visit to Lao PDR

Cambodia, Thailand Continue Mine Clearance along Shared Border Areas

Government Mobilises US$1.2 to 1.4 billion Cooperation Financing Annually

Acting PM Appreciates Religious Harmony

Cambodia, Vietnam Reach Six Deals to Boost More Cooperation

Cambodia To Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Cambodian PM To Donate Thought-Provoking Books to Public

Five Cities and One Province Set as National Industrial Bases

PM Calls for More Vietnamese Investments in Cambodia

Cambodia, Malaysia Sign MoU to Promote Cambodian Migrant Workers’ Rights and Welfare

Foreign Exchange Rates in Cambodia

S. Korea Grants US$7 Million to Cambodia for Ancient Site Restoration

Australia, a Key Development Partner for Cambodia

Cambodia Has Three Major Religions

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